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Make a rosette for acoustic guitar

FVguitars rosetta00In this article I will showyou the work steps for the construction of a rosette for

acoustic guitar.

First I draw the rosette whit CAD ond guitar cad plan because I can valutate the various elements compared to the size and the shape of guitar.
I print the drawing 1:1 and I glue it on the cardboard, I block it all with ribbon on a table.
At this point I begin to built the various elements that make up it.

In this case I use a thin purfling white / brown / white  to delineate the rays of rosette that separate Koa trapezouts.

FVguitars rosetta01

Now I glue all the elements on the drawing, trying to precisely observe the lines in the drawing below.

FVguitars rosetta02

As you can see from the pictures, the glued pieces will have to be cut off from the drawing so I can trim the two circles at a later time.

FVguitars rosetta03

With the Dremel on the compass mold I cut the two circumferences so I get the shape of rosette. Also I cut a central channel for abalone "zipflex" purfling.

FVguitars rosetta04

Now I clean up the rosette. I remove all glue residues whit sand-paper. I remove the rosette from cardboard and I clean it on the back side.
I cut the shape on the soundboard and I glue-on the rosette.

FVguitars rosetta05

The work is over.

FVguitars rosetta06

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